Service: Videos about Smap3D Plant Design und free trial

One process - from P&ID to 3D Piping to Isometrics with Smap3D Plant Design. But how does it work? Watch our videos and order your free trial. [read more]

Enhancements for Smap3D Plant Design V11 SP2

Here are the Highlights of some of the most notable enhancements for Smap3D Plant Design: Layout of the P&ID To-Do List, Creating Sub-assemblies, Zooms and more. [read more]

Which components can automatically placed with Piping?

Depending on the geometric situation of the drawn pipeline path and the used pipe specification Piping can fully automatically place or generate the following fittings. [read more]

How is the general workflow at work with the P&ID to 3D Piping connection?

1) Preparatory steps: Enhancement of the 3D Piping pipe specifications with the “PID_ID” information. This ID is taken from the P&ID component database and it links/connects the 2D P&ID data record with the 3D-CAD model in the pipe specification. This link will used for automatic placement of 3D inner equipment components (3D models) via To-Do […] [read more]

What is the P&ID to Piping To-Do list?

The integrated To-Do list functionality is the direct connection between Smap3D P&ID and Smap3D Piping. [read more]

Which standard parts are included in the Smap3D Piping package for SOLIDWORKS®?

The software package of Smap3D Piping for SOLIDWORKS® include a lot of 3D standard parts in native SOLIDWORKS® format, as well as the application to manage the standard parts, called Smap3D PartFinder. [read more]

How to create a pipeline path in SOLIDWORKS®?

There is one possibility to create and draw a pipeline path in SOLIDWORKS®: [read more]

What are flange components?

The following requirements apply to 'flanges' and 'flange components' in Smap3D Piping for SOLIDWORKS®, so that Smap3D Piping can automatically place the matching flanges and gaskets. [read more]

What are finishing components?

The following requirements apply to 'finishing components' in Smap3D Piping for SOLIDWORKS®, i.e. components which are meant to be built at the ends of pipelines. Finishing components are, for example, blind flanges, caps, etc. [read more]

What are flow through components?

The following requirements apply to 'flow-through components' in Smap3D Piping for SOLIDWORKS®, i.e. for components which are inserted between pipes and through which some medium should flow. [read more]

What is Smap3D Piping for SOLIDWORKS®?

Smap3D Piping is the ideal extension for SOLIDWORKS®, [read more]
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