Which components can automatically placed with Piping?

Depending on the geometric situation of the drawn pipeline path and the used pipe specification Piping can fully automatically place or generate the following fittings.

With our Smap3D base technology QuickPlace we actually provide automations for the following situations.

For round pipelines:

  •   Pipes straigth and bent.
  •   Standard elbows for the standard angles 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree.
  •   Standard elbows special from ASME/ANSI area for standard angles 5 5/8 11 1/4, 22 1/2 degree.
  •   Specific elbows/bends for every angle which not complies to the standard angles.
  •   Normal and reduced tees on right-angled branches (90°).
  •   Normal and reduced tees on angular branches with 11 1/4, 22 1/2 (ASME/ANSI) and 45 degree.
  •   Collar, weldolet and sockolet parts instead of tees on right-angled branches.
  •   Flanges.
  •   Gaskets.
  •   Any part (e.g. sleeve, flanges, union, etc.) for the connection of pipes after reaching the maximum pipe length (e.g. after 6m).
  •   Concentric reducer or expander with automatic reengineering of the reduced/expanded pipeline.
  •   Insulations.


For NOT round pipelines (Air ducts, cable trays, etc.):

  •   Shape pipes straight.
  •   Shape bend for 45 and 90 degree.
  •   Shape tees for normal and reduced right-angled branches (90°).
  •   Shape tees for normal and reduced angular branches (45°).
  •   Shape flanges
  •   Gaskets



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