How is the general workflow at work with the P&ID to 3D Piping connection?

1) Preparatory steps:

  • Enhancement of the 3D Piping pipe specifications with the “PID_ID” information.
    • This ID is taken from the P&ID component database and it links/connects the 2D P&ID data record with the 3D-CAD model in the pipe specification.
    • This link will used for automatic placement of 3D inner equipment components (3D models) via To-Do list in 3D-CAD, as well as for the process secure creation of  2D P&ID diagrams with support of the existing 3D pipe specifications.

2) Workflow:

  • Creation of a P&ID diagram in Smap3D P&ID supported with the definitions of the Smap3D Piping pipe specifications.
    • Placement of process relevant outer equipment symbols with definition and assignment of the required data record from the P&ID component database.
    • Drawing of required lines with definition of pipeline name, pipe spec and diameter.
    • Placement of process relevant inner equipment symbols with automatic assignment of appropriate data records from the P&ID component database.
  • Creation of a 3D assembly in 3D-CAD.
    • Start of Smap3D Piping application and the included To-Do list function.
    • Assignment of a Smap3D P&ID project file (P&ID diagram) to the active 3D assembly.
  • Usage of the P&ID content which will automatically (online) displayed in the P&ID To-Do list in two different views (component- and pipeline view), to support the creation of the 3D plant and 3D pipeline design with existing and known information.
  • Placement of outer equipment components from the 3D library of file system into the 3D assembly.
  • Automated assignment of P&ID component information to the placed 3D models with functions of P&ID To-Do list.
  • Automated creation of 3D pipeline assemblies with functions of P&ID To-Do list.
  • Drawing of the pipeline routes in 3D-CAD between the connection points of the placed outer equipment components. Display of the connection points (defined in P&ID) with functions of P&ID To-Do list.
  • Generation of the pipeline path with functions of 3D Piping.
  • Automated assignment of P&ID pipeline information (name, pipe spec and diameter) to the generated pipeline path with functions of P&ID To-Do list.
  • Automatic generation of the 3D pipeline with all relevant pipeline components (pipes, fittings, and so on) with functions of 3D Piping.
  • Automated placement of inner equipment components into the generated 3D pipeline with functions of P&ID To-Do list.
  • Automatic update of the 3D pipeline after every modification with functions of 3D Piping.
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