How to create a pipeline path in SOLIDWORKS®?

There is one possibility to create and draw a pipeline path in SOLIDWORKS®:

Using a 3D sketch:
You draw a 3D sketch (just with lines) in the required SOLIDWORKS® assembly or subassembly. For this you use the standard SOLIDWORKS® functions for drawing, dimensioning and linking.

 Only straight lines can be used in Smap3D Piping. Circular arcs, sketch radius or splines are not supported, nor are closed loops.

For easier editing later, it is recommended to set dimensions and geometric mates to a drawn path before creating a pipeline path.

After you finished and left the 3D sketch you select them in Feature Manager. Afterwards you click the function ‘Generate pipeline paths’. The feature name of the 3D sketch is automatically changed to Piping_xxx. The part Piping_ is fixed the numbers (xxx) will automatically generated continuously from the software.

Picture of the icon to this function in Piping mask: 

 Before launching the ‘Generate pipeline paths’ function you can use the ‘Delete wrong line segments’ function from ‘Tools’ menu. This function deletes short line segments. The threshold limit can be set between 0 and 10mm.

 With launching the ‘Generate pipeline paths’ function a detection of unsupported segment connections starts automatically. If there are some closed loops or overlaid lines drawn in the opened assembly, a warning message will appear and the problematic lines will be highlighted.


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