What is the P&ID to Piping To-Do list?

The integrated To-Do list functionality is the direct connection between Smap3D P&ID and Smap3D Piping.

Normally in a P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) the process engineering for a plant is made. The geometry is simplified with 2D symbols and lines and can NOT be used in 3D plant design for creating 3D pipeline geometry in 3D-CAD.

But the attributes of the P&ID symbols and lines (name, diameter and pipe class specification) an their logical dependency, which are normally defined through a process engineer, can automatically used from To-Do list function for 3D plant design to support and control the 3D pipeline creation with 3D Piping.

With the existing functions of 3D Piping you can further automate your 3D plant design and 3D pipeline creation.

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