Welcome Smap3D Plant Design version 2017: What´s new?

In this article we present the most important improvements in version 2017 of Smap3D Plant Design.

The release version of Smap3D Plant Design 2017 supports:

  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 with service pack 5.0 or later and SOLIDWORKS 2017 with service pack 4.0 or later. After its release, support for the next SOLIDWORKS 2018 version will be provided with a service pack for Plant Design 2017.
  • Solid Edge ST8 with MP 12 or later and Solid Edge ST9 with MP 08 or later. After its release, support for the next Solid Edge ST10 version will be provided with a service pack for Plant Design 2017.

Supplemental product “Industrial pipe specifications”

With this supplemental product for Plant Design 2017 customers receive numerous pre-defined pipe specification files with associated 3D standard parts in accordance with current industry standards. The following will be included with the delivery:

  • Pipe specifications in accordance with ASME B31.3 (various combinations) and with various materials (Carbon steel & stainless steel), various pressure levels (150, 300, 600,..), various fitting types (butt weld, socket weld, threaded) and various media/states (water / gas …)
  • Water pipe in accordance with AWWA
  • IS0 8434 Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use
  • Cooper press fittings (similar to Mapress / Sanpress)
    and more.

New in Smap3D P&ID

  • There are now a total of 13 languages available. In addition to the languages available through many versions UK – English, DE – German, CZ – Czech, and RU – Russian, the following languages have been added: BR – Brazilian/Portuguese, CN – Chinese, DK – Danish, ES – Spanish, HU – Hungarian, NO – Norwegian, PL – Polish, SE – Swedish and TR – Turkish
  • The new With Text leader function is available in the context menu for text: Depending on the status, a leader line can be switched on or off for the selected text. The arrow tip is positioned individually by the user.
    This position can be subsequently changed in the Text (T) editing mode (by clicking on the arrow tip).
  • The new Component Wizard enables the creation and modification of database entries in a clear and easy to use assistant. User can create new data records, copy, edit (once or repeatedly) or delete existing data records.They also can load an Excel table with external data records in order to quickly and easily edit or add the content. After processing in this Wizard, such an Excel table can be used for automatic import in the P&ID Database program.
  • A neutral standard interface for connecting Smap3D P&ID to arbitrary PDM systems was developed as well. When this interface is installed, an additional menu and additional settings are displayed in the P&ID user interface. All the usual administration functions can be realized by using this interface (and the corresponding interface in a PDM system) with the PRO files from Smap3D P&ID: Create document in PDM, check in/check out document, exchange document information (e.g. fill out drawing header in P&ID) and list information (e.g. automatically create parts lists in PDM), revise/release document etc.
  • In response to special requests from customers, more options for design checks were built in for symbols.The new options “Non-unique type” and/or “Non-unique Spec” can test whether multiple symbols with the same value are present in the data field Type and/or Spec in the active project.

New in Smap3D Piping

  • The new options “Minimal cutting length” and “Minimal clamping length” are available in the Options tab of the pipe specification editor. The settings for these can be made global or individually for each diameter. These two settings are specially developed for bent pipes. They affect the geometry of bent pipes as well as feedback for problems when generating a pipe, if these are determined by the plausibility checks in Piping.
  • New function “Rename pipeline path” was built into the Smap3D Piping context menu. When an automatically generated pipeline path is marked, the function Rename pipeline path is available in the context menu. A user can now enter and display a desired path name.

New in P&ID To-Do-List

  • Improvement for lines across multiple diagram pages: The To-Do List now supports the analysis of lines across multiple P&ID diagram pages, without requiring the display criterion Page. The To-Do list can also display all relevant information and structures for such a cross-page line from the P&ID correctly without a page.
  • New option “Load mechanical accessories”: Mechanical accessories in P&ID are defined as non-graphical information about components that is also required in addition to the existing graphical components (symbols) and whose definition contains at least one article number. If this option is activated, the mechanical accessories from P&ID are also analyzed and displayed in the To-Do List. Mechanical accessories can be added to a component in different ways in P&ID: To an article/data record in the database, to a symbol in a diagram via the Component data dialog (Mechanical Accessory tab) or one-time accessory definition can be created manually by entering the relevant data from users.

New in Smap3D Isometrics

  • Subassemblies are analyzed as pipeline components: It is now possible to prepare relevant pipeline components (or whole pipelines) as subassemblies, in order to build them as prefabricated units into or on the 3D pipeline. For users, this new function simplifies the handling of recurring standard content in pipelines, analysis in a PCF output file and the production of isometrics.

All new functions of Smap3D Plant Design you find here.

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