Support of custom occurrence properties

Since ST9, Solid Edge offers the possibility of assigning non-graphic text information to the assembly occurrences.This range of functions is called “Custom Occurrence Properties” in Solid Edge.


In Solid Edge, the configuration file CustomOccurrenceProperty.xml (in Preferences folder) must be prepared user-specific, so that an user can use the required custom occurrence properties with the corresponding interfaces in the Occurrence Properties dialog.

The objective of this new Solid Edge functionality is identical to that of the long-standing Virtual Characteristics in Smap3D.
In both cases, occurrence-related information (not file related) is created and utilized at the level of the active assembly.
Virtual characteristics have been used in many versions of Smap3D, where they can be analyzed and represented in isometric drawings in Smap3D Isometric, for example.


With Plant Design 2017 it is now possible to link all virtual characteristics for components in Smap3D Plant Design to the Solid Edge function custom occurrence properties, so that these can also be represented in the Solid Edge parts list as of ST9, or used for Solid Edge queries.

A configuration file with the file name VirtualCharacteristicsConfiguration.xml in the Smap3D configuration folder is required for this (an empty template for this VirtualCharacteristicsConfiguration.xml is delivered with the Plant Design 2017 installation folder).

In the VirtualCharacteristicsConfiguration.xml in the Smap3D configuration folder, the required virtual characteristics from Smap3D must be linked to the available custom occurrence properties in Solid Edge.

If the occurrence properties in the Solid Edge CustomOccurrenceProperty.xml are already defined with the same/identical names as the virtual characteristics in Smap3D, the mapping in the Smap3D VirtualCharacteristicsConfiguration.xml can easily be created with a placeholder “*”.

If the Names of the custom occurrence properties in Solid Edge are different from those of the virtual characteristics in Smap3D, the mapping must be carefully carried out for each property/characteristic.
The Smap3D information becomes available in the respective Solid Edge functions only once this mapping is correct.
All virtual characteristic created and managed with the Smap3D applications Piping, P&ID To-Do List, Pipe Specification Editor and VCWriter can be used for the mapping.

If the Basic Configuration and Mapping is carried out correctly, this information is automatically written to the Solid Edge components as custom occurrence properties for all new Plant Design assemblies and pipelines.

For assemblies and pipelines created before the Basic Configuration and Mapping were available, new options in Piping (menu Tools) and in VC Writer enable the synchronization/updating of available virtual characteristics with new custom occurrence properties.

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