How to change the port for Smap3D Plant Design license services after installation?

Note: This article is only applicable for all versions of Smap3D Plant Design before version 2016. All license services (Smap3D clients und license server) must use the same communication port.

The port can be changed afterwards by editing the file CADPartnerService.exe.config, located in the program folder of CAD Partner Licensing (C:\Program Files\Cad-Partner\Licensing 2.x):

Open the file with editor and search for the lines:

<setting name=”Port” serializeAs=”String”>

Change the value between <value> and </value> and save the file without further changes.

Restart the service “CAD Partner License Service” (here described).

Don’t forget to configure the firewall so that the new port is allowed to communicate (TCP and UDP).

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