What is Smap3D Piping for Solid Edge®?

Smap3D Piping is the ideal extension for Solid Edge® XpresRoute,in order to create connected piping systems using fittings. XpresRoute is the basis for defining and creating the course for the piping systems which are added later.

The Smap3D standard parts library of plant design components is used to provide the user with a powerful complete package for the speedy application of their requirements in specification driven pipeline planning and pipeline design based on Solid Edge®.

The user can then use Smap3D Piping to place bends, tees, flanges, gaskets and so on as well as generating the pipes automatically.The generation of insulations around a pipeline and the adding of reducing components in a pipeline can also be done automatically.

It is also possible to create pipelines with NOT ROUND profile (e.g. Air ducts, Cable trays, and so on).

This and other automatic functions are enabled by working with pipe specifications.

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